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Board of Directors (Current Officers) *
Board of Directors (Description) *
Bylaws *

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Calendar, Daily *
Calendar Manager (Current Officer) *
Calendar Manager (Position Described)*
Calendar, Yearly *
Check Request Form *
Class Roster *
Class Schedule Forms *
Classes and Coordinators *
Communications Chair (Current Officer) *
Communications Chair (Position Described) *
Computer Talks (Upcoming)—Computer Working Group
Computer Talks (Archive)—Computer Working Group *
Computer Working Group, Minutes*
Computer Working Group, About *
Contact People for Support *
Contacts, (General Public Omnilore)
Course Descriptions (Current and past trimesters)
Course Roster (Current and past trimesters) *
Curriculum Creation Process
Curriculum (Current)
Curriculum (Past, Archived)
Curriculum Chair (Current Officer) *

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Daily Calendar (Current and past trimesters) *
Directions to Beach Cities Health District
Directions to Los Verdes Country Club (for Forums)
Discussion Leader Guide *

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Equipment Manager (Current Officer) *
Equipment Manager (Description) *
Equipment, Presentations (Operation Tip Sheets) *
Equipment Training Workshop (PowerPoint Presentation) *
Executive Council, President's (Description) *

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Forms—Class Schedules *
Form—Check Request *
Form—Topic Suggestion Form (pdf) *
Forum Chair (Current Officer) *
Forum Chair (Description) *
Forum Event, Next

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Guide—Discussion Leader *
Guide—Members *
Guide—Presentation *

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Head Coordinator (Current Officer) *
Head Coordinator (Description) *
Hiking Group (Special Interest Group)

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Index of Member Profiles (in Newsletters
Index of SDG (Current Trimester) *

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Leadership Pointers *
Los Verdes Country Club, Directions (for Forums)

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Meetings, Schedule *
Member Advocate (Position Described) *
Member at Large (Position Described) *
Member Profiles Index (in Newsletters
Members at Large (Current Officers) *
Members Guide *
Members, Roster (Phone and Email, only) *
Membership Benefits
Membership Chair (Current Officer) *
Membership Chair (Position Described) *
Membership Facts
Membership Fees
Membership, New Members Orientation Sessions
Membership Roster *
Mentors, Presentation *
Minutes of Board Meetings *
Minutes of Website Working Group *

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New Members Orientation Sessions
Newsletter Editor (Current Officer)
Newsletter Editor (Position Described) *
Newsletters, Archive of Current and Past
Newsletters, Article Submission Guidelines
Newsletters, Print or Electronic Delivery

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Office Manager (Current Officer) *
Office Manager (Position Described) *
Office Files  *
Officers, Current *
Operating Rules *
Organization Chart *

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Past President (Position Described) *
Presentation 101 (workshop presentation in PPT or PDF) *
Presentation Mentors *
Presentation Pointers *
Presentation Workshop Outline (2010) *
President (Current Officer) *
President (Position Described) *
President's Advisory Council (Description) *
Procedures Manual *
Procedures Manual, Revisions (i.e., Appendix A) *

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Recording Secretary (Current Officer) *
Recording Secretary (Position Described) *
Registrar (Current Officer) *
Registrar (Position Described) *
Roster, Class (SDG) Enrollment *
Roster of Members (Phone and Email, only) *

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SDG Archive (Past Trimesters) *
SDG Curriculum Concept
SDG Folder (Current Trimester) *
SDGs Folder, (About Use & Maintenance) *
Special Interest Groups
Special Interest Groups, Forming New
Supplies Manager (Current Officer) *
Supplies Manager (Position Described) *
Support Contacts *

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Trimester System
Treasurer (Current Officer) *
Topic Suggestion Form *
Treasurer (Position Described) *

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Vice-President for Academics (Current Officer) *
Vice-President for Academics (Position Described) *
Vice-President for Administration (Current Officer) *
Vice-President for Administration (Position Described) *
Volunteer Opportunities

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Webmaster (Current Officer) *
Webmaster (Position Described) *
Website Working Group (Description in Procedures Manual) *
Workshop on Presentation Guidelines (2010) *

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