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The SDG Curriculum ConceptPhotograph of
                an Omnilore Study Discussion Group

The Study-Discussion Group (SDG) is the core of our program. In Omnilore, we are all about peer-learning. Our curriculum concept is not centered on instructors. Rather, every member of any given course becomes involved in the teaching and learning process through individual study, sharing, and group discussion.

In Omnilore, we rarely use the term class, preferring instead to use the term S/DG (standing for Study-Discussion Group) believing it is a better description of how we study and discuss together. Remember, with Omnilore there are no tests or grades, and the success of our SDGs depends on the quality of each individual member's participation in the learning, sharing, and discussion process.

The Trimester System

Omnilore is organized on a trimester system. We begin each Omnilore academic year with the Fall Trimester lasting from September through December. This is followed by the Winter/Spring Trimester lasting from January through April. Finally, there is the Summer Trimester from May through August.

All SDG peer-learning courses meet at the Beach Cities Health District Facility (Building 514) in Redondo Beach in either Suite  L8 or Suite L9 on the Basement (Lower) level. Morning classes are held for two hours between 9:00 a.m. and noon, and afternoon classes between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. The exact time of each class is set by the participants.

Curriculum Creation Process

Our curriculum is created entirely by our members. Each trimester, a list of stimulating topics is proposed by our members to the Curriculum Committee. Additional topic ideas are generated by members of the Committee. After discussion and consideration, a selected group of topics is offered to the membership for consideration. Those topics generating the most interest are then offered as courses for study and discussion in the following trimester. If you are a member and can access the Members Only portion of our Website, you'll find detailed contact information concerning the Chair of the Curriculum Committee on the Omnilore Officers page. If you have further questions about the Curriculum Committee process, or if you would like to join the Committee, contact the Curriculum Chair.

Browse Our Past Curricular Offerings

Use the table below to browse through some of our past curricular offerings. These are the lists of class offerings before the members vote to choose which classes they want to attend. Only about three quarters of the offerings succeed in becoming Study/Discussion Groups. If you are interested in suggesting a new topic for consideration by the Curriculum Committee, it is a good idea to check these lists to see if we have offered anything similar in the recent past.

List of Curricular Offerings
(i.e, before the members' selection process)
Spring Summer Fall
2012 Spring Summer Fall
2011 Spring Summer Fall
2010 Spring Summer Fall
2009 Spring Summer Fall
2008 Spring Summer Fall
2007 Spring Summer Fall
2006 Spring Summer Fall
2005 Spring Summer Fall
2004 Spring Summer Fall
Members: See this alternative table in the Members Only section of our Website for the actual List of Courses (i.e., the documents that give full class descriptions, room numbers, and personal contact information about the coordinators).]

CSUDH Instructor-Led Course Offerings

Through our OLLI-Omnilore association with CSUDH Extended Education, each Omnilore member has the opportunity to sign up for one or more of the following five types of CSUDH Extended Education learning opportunities: Most of these offerings take place at the California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) Extended Education Lecture Hall; however, some take place at off-campus venues. For the exact location, it is best to check carefully the information provided on the CSUDH website links given above.
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