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Computer Talks

Recent Computer Talks

Computer Talks are devoted to helping members improve their computer skills.

Almost every month, Omnilore's Computer Working Group sponsors a casual, one-hour presentation called a Computer Talk.  These presentations cover topics that our members have told us they would like to know more about.  Most of the Computer Talks are at a basic level.  Occasionally, the Group sponsors workshops on more advanced topics.

All the Computer Talks are 45 minutes long, followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer period. No registration is necessary.  The Talks are usually scheduled on the 4th Thursday of the month from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m. in Conference Room B at the Edison Center.

Look on the Upcoming Events Page for exact information about the next Computer Talk.

The Computer Working Group (CWG) has maintained a Computer Talks Archive covering all aspects of the Group and describing selected former Computer Talks.  We encourage you to visit the Archive (in the members-only password-protected portion of the website), and take a look at all the useful documentation and training presentations provided there.

The Group needs to know what the membership wants to learn about computers.  If you have an idea for a good Computer Talk, or if you see a presentation in the Group's Archive that appeals to you and that you'd like to see updated and repeated at an upcoming Computer Talk, don't hesitate to contact the Computer Working Group via its email address:

The Computer Working Group (CWG) is always looking for new members.  If you are a member with good computer skills, contact and they will tell you when the Group is having its next meeting.  Perhaps you don't have time to join the Group but you'd like to help the Group by offering to present a lecture on some topic that you know well.  In either case, the Group would love to hear from you! 

Recent Computer Talks

Charts are available from recent Computer Talks.   View, print, or download the following presentations by clicking on the PowerPoint source file (PPT) or Portable Document Format (PDF) versions:

Date Presented

Files Available
"Protection against Thieves (No password required) Jan. 25, 2018
PDF (2.1 MB)
"Free Software, Protection against Thieves, and the Cloud(No password required) Feb. 25, 2016

PPT (17 charts - 11.6 MB)
PDF (2-up format, 2.7 MB)
"Everything You Wanted to Know about Windows 10" (No password required) Oct. 22, 2015

PDF (1.0 MB)
"Excel & Spreadsheets" (No password required) Sep. 24, 2015
PDF (1.5 MB)
"Free Software" (No password required) May 28, 2015
PDF (2.0 MB)
"Intermediate PowerPoint" (No password required) Apr. 23, 2015
PDF (584 KB)
"Introduction to PowerPoint" (No password required) Mar. 26, 2015
PDF (1.6 MB)
"Google 101 – Stop Searching and Start FINDING" (No password required) Oct. 24, 2013

PPT (21 charts - 221 KB)
PDF (2-up format, 172 KB)
"How Omnilore's Scheduling Program and Process Work" (Members-only website password required)
Sep. 26, 2013

PPT (41 charts - 3MB)
PDF (2-up format, 2.2 MB)
PDF (4-up format, 2.2 MB)
"Looking Under the Webpage Hood – Simple HTML Features " (No password required) Feb. 27, 2013

Word (3 pages - 456 KB)
PDF (588 KB)
"SeaMonkey Tutorial:  Free, Simple, High-Level Webpage Creation – Easy As Word" (Members-only website password required) May 23, 2013
(original Computer Talk Jan. 28, 2010)

PPT (28 charts - 2.4 MB)
PDF (2-up format, 15.6 MB)

Selected Computer Talks from years past are linked from the Computer Talks Archive webpage – website password required.  

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